Terms Of Use of the Mobiledo.pl Internet Services

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These Regulations lay down detailed rules for the use of services offered by Mobiledo.pl internet website, hereinafter referred to as "MOBILEDO", managed by Konrad Hawro doing business under the name Mobiledo Konrad Hawro.

MOBILEDO provides e-service that allows users to create mobile versions of stationary desktop websites.

Used in the regulations definitions shall apply

1. Regulations - these Terms of use of the Mobiledo.pl website.
2. E-service - service provided on the Mobiledo website, which generates mobile web pages based on the existing stationary website indicated by the User.
3. Premium Subscription - one of subscriptions allowing the purchase of access to additional functionality offered by Mobiledo Konrad Hawro within the service Mobiledo.pl. The current list of available subscriptions as well as price and scope are always available online at Mobiledo.pl/pricing.
4. Mobiledo - a business registered in Polish Central Registration and Information on Business that occurs under the name Mobiledo Hawro Konrad, managing a Mobiledo.pl website.
5. User - natural or legal person who has registered on the website Mobiledo.pl.
6. Payment system - a system by which payments are charged for services offered in the Mobiledo.pl site. Payments are handled by the company PayLane sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk at ul. Arkońska 6 / A3, postal code: 80-387, KRS: 0000227278.

§1 General Provisions

1. Using a Mobiledo website constitutes acceptance of these Regulations. Matters not covered in these Regulations shall be governed by the Polish Civil Code and other adequate provisions of law.
2. The use of Mobiledo e-service requires a computer or other device connected to the Internet and a Web browser.

§2 The use of Mobiledo e-service

1. User of Mobiledo shows his or her wish of using it by going through the registration process.
2. E-service available on the Mobiledo.pl website allows you to create mobile internet website with content based on an existing stationary website. The user selects in the Mobiledo.pl service one of available graphical templates of mobile pages, then indicates parts of the content from stationary website to be displayed on the mobile one.
3. Registered user has access to e-services in the basic version. Access to additional features may require a Premium subscription.
4. One can have access to the Mobiledo services only through individual accounts.
5. Access to the account is possible only after the correct identification of the User on the basis of the relevant login and password.
6. Filling in the Registration Form means acceptance of these Regulations in the current version at the time of registration.
7. Mobiledo and its services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
8. The payment for the Premium subscription can take place in a secure electronic way: bank transfer, credit card or electronic payment systems.
9. You can purchase a monthly subscription or its multiplicity.
10. Prior to publication of a mobile website created through Mobiledo, it is required to verify rights to manage the stationary website using the verification file, which is to be placed in the public folder of the page or a unique code to be pasted in the section of the stationary website.
11. The User is fully responsible for the content that is placed on mobile websites generated through Mobiledo by content of stationary websites.
12. Using Mobiledo website and services is possible via any computing device with a Web browser, with access to the Internet.

§3 Licenses and Copyrights

1. Mobiledo declares that is the creator of e-service and has the right to offer it to Users.
2. E-service is protected by Copyright Law, international treaty provisions on copyright and other laws and international conventions on the protection of intellectual property rights.
3. E-service can not be used for storage and dissemination of content that would violate in any way the rights of copyright owners. It is forbidden to publish through e-service content that is a violation of applicable laws.

§4 Complaints

1. Complaints shall be sent by letter to the Mobiledo address or via e-mail: office@mobiledo.pl.
2. A complaint shall specify:
a. matter of the complaint,
b. User's data and signature, if the complaint is to be sent as a traditional letter,
c. describe circumstances justifying the complaint, along with customer demand.
3. Complaint considering technical problems is dealt immediately, not later than seven days after receiving it.
4. Other complaints are dealt with within 14 days from the date of receiving by the Mobiledo.
5. In the case of irregularities, which would result in an extension of the deadline date of dealing with the complaint, Mobiledo informs the User of this fact.
6. The answer to the complaint in each case includes justification.

§5 Responsibility for liabilities

1. Mobiledo exercises the utmost care to ensure continuity and accuracy of the services provided.
2. Mobiledo is not to be liable for damage caused by:
a. changes to User Account and managed mobile websites made by using login and password informations by third parties,
b. a break in the provision of e-service, if it was caused by a technical problem, malfunction or data transmission problem,
c. activity of public authorities, in particular by changing the laws that would prevent the proper execution of obligations under the Agreement,
d. force majeure, by which is meant the extraordinary external events, impossible to predict, and if they are predictable - impossible to prevent, hampering the proper performance of e-service.
3. Mobiledo is not responsible for consequences of unauthorized use of your login and password.
4. Mobiledo reserves the right to refuse the provision of e-services in case of:
a. suspected unauthorized disclosure of the customer login or password,
b. suspicion of conflict of interest.
5. Mobiledo reserves the right to refuse provision of services and prevent access to the Mobiledo website in case of suspected or confirmed violations of these regulations or common law.

§6 Protection of Personal Data

1. Administrator of your personal information is Mobiledo Konrad Hawro.
2. Persons whose personal data are processed in the Mobiledo service are entitled to inspect and modify them in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and the Act of 29 August 1997 on Protection of Personal Data.
3. You agree to the processing of personal data by the Data Administrator: MOBILEDO Konrad Hawro. Personal data provided by you will be processed in order to implement the purchase of subscription, and in order to fulfill the justified needs of MOBILEDO Konrad Hawro under the law.
4. Mobiledo Konrad Hawro respecting the privacy of the User declares that the Personal Data, never and under no circumstances are going to be made available to third parties. User data are used only to communicate with Mobiledo (protection of personal data in accordance with the Act on electronic services and Directive OCCP) in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

§ 7 Conclusion and termination of the agreement

1. Agreement for use of the Mobiledo service, approved by the acceptance of these Terms, is concluded for an indefinite period.
2. Both parties of the agreement may terminate it with one month notice.
3. The Agreement may be terminated by the service user by sending appropriate messages by e-mail to the e-mail office@mobiledo.pl. Message should be sent from the email address specified during the registration in Mobiledo.pl website.
4. The agreement may be terminated by Mobiledo Konrad Hawro by sending appropriate message via e-mail from an address office@mobiledo.pl to the email address specified in the service's registration process.
5. Termination of the Agreement by the user that has bought one of the Premium Subscriptions does not interrupt the provision of e-services within your subscription. Premium Subscriptions expire at the end of the period for which they were bought.
6. Service user who is a natural person (consumer) has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons, within 14 days from the date of its conclusion. The consumer can not cancel the contract if already started using ordered services ordered. In the case of the effective exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer, payments will be refunded via the same payment channel, which payment for the service was made.

§7 Final Provisions

1. User declares undertaking measures to protect their data made available on the Mobiledo website and not to share this data with third parties.
2. Mobiledo for important reasons may make amendments to the Regulations, in particular in relation to introduction of new features or products. Users will be notified of any change on the Mobiledo website. Current Regulations are always accesible at: mobiledo.pl/terms.
3. The Regulations come into force on 1 September 2014.